2015 Philanthropic Contributions

(Last edit: 4 August, 2017.)

I publish my financial contributions to promote our moral obligation to support big ideas.

Included are groups which not only reverse effects of some of humanity’s less intelligent choices, but also of our often near unanimous apathy on vital issues.

Local food bank
Reduce hunger.

Fight climate change.

Local energy company
Warm Home Fund to help maintain service for those in need.

Center for Biological Diversity
Challenge humanity’s enormous extinction campaign against other species sharing Earth.

Habitat for Humanity
Assist the poor to own their own homes, in thanks to Habitat promoters former President Jimmy and prior First Lady Rosalynn Carter.

Cystic fibrosis fund
Challenge disease and encourage a young intelligent fund raiser.

Press Uncuffed
Champion imprisoned journalists, as journalists enlighten humanity with critical news.

Global Zero
Eliminate nuclear weapons.  Just one example where almost 100% of humans blatantly reject intellect to go along with – and very often support – destructive herd mentality. In this case: divisive nations, their political parties, and their control of these weapons – known as patriotism. Instead of transferring political support to informed, holistic, global governance groups, as recommended in a prior post here.

Not On Our Watch
Promote human rights and stop genocide.

All Out
Promote human rights and assist gays fleeing Islamic State.

Public Citizen
Against unlimited campaign contributions buying The U.S.A. government.

The United States of America Peace Corps
Let Girls Learn Fund to promote education for the estimated 98 million (founders and funders of this campaign excel at math) girls not in school around the world.

Chelsea Manning Legal Appeal Fund
Assist military whistleblower who raised human rights questions. And symbolically oppose The U.S.A.’s over funded military budget that steals from infrastructure, education, peace, the environment, needs of the poor, and future generations who must repay past and present borrowing partially funding this military.

The overwhelming size of The U.S.A. military budget compared to other nations – in addition to the mere existence of military budgets here and around the world – is yet another indicator and symptom that almost 100% of humanity intentionally rejects available intellect in favor of ignorance, feelings, herd mentality, tradition, apathy, self-absorption, and tribalistic Us vs. Them.

Local radio station
Information & critical analysis their National Public Radio feed brings to citizens.  Their music is cool, too.

“Save The Amazon 21” fund. As the Amazon provides 20% of our oxygen and 10% of global bio-diversity, promote creation of an Amazon preserve twice the size of France.

Organizing For Action (OFA)
I minimize voluntary support for nations, their political parties, officials, and candidates, as these compose humanity’s destructive political system.  Some ways it is destructive:

  • Governments, parties, officials, and candidates must largely mirror public ignorance or lose public support.  The public widely proclaims to want politicians to ‘Be honest and just tell us the truth.’ as much as we reject informed politicans who bluntly do. We insist on truths (and omissions and distortions) that point the finger at others, that get us what we want even though that often means enormous environmental degradation or increasing government debt, and that minimize suggestions of personal responsibility or the guilt most all of us have for destructive government choices on vital issues.
  • For example, instead of an Environmental Destruction Fee for each child, nations, their officials, candidates – and most companies – almost never bluntly criticize overpopulation.  But instead commonly promote it with a plethora of social and financial incentives.  Such as congratulations for a new baby, admiring publicity for celebrities having a child, guaranteed or even paid parental leave, tax exemptions for child dependents, child care benefits, property taxes to educate others’ children, $10,000 government cash for each birth (Putin in Russia), health insurance maternity payments, parental welfare, increasing the number of children legally allowed per couple (China, 2016), and affirmative use of code words for overpopulation like family, parent, children, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, etc.  These new members of the human race then increase various pollutants, including greenhouse gasses worsening climate change.
  • They often habitually increase government debt to appease voters.  U.S.A. sovereign debt is currently $19 trillion and climbing.  Myself and others who bring it up in the public sphere are generally ignored, but also commonly derided as alarmist, ignorant about economics, or told other countries that have already experienced climbing debt and then some variant of bankruptcy are not comparable to our situation. Apparently politics voids mathematics. Add $200 trillion in unfunded future liabilities. Which politicians commonly kick down the road, so the public doesn’t migrate to other candidates and parties to hear pleasant delusions. Additional appeasements for campaign contributions.
  • Waste vast sums on frequent political campaigns in order to appeal to the “”three I’s” that unite voters: ignorance, irrationality, and incompetence.”, habitually promote ignorant positions, lies, bigotry, overpopulation, superstition, militaristic patriotism, and other destructive ideas. But commonly minimize, avoid, or ridicule important, rational ideas in order to buy support from public ignorance.
  • Far over-emphasize what they will do for the species destroying Earth’s environment – humans – relative to what they will do to protect nature and other species from humans.
  • Our global system tends to over emphasize the public as victims in need of protection from: the other party, corporations, energy companies, the wealthy, Wall Street, racism, Jews, gays, non-whites, non-believers, foreigners, immigrants, terrorists, other nations, ad nauseum.  Playing the protect-victim-voters card wins myriad votes.  But it cripples the personal responsibility potential humans have to move away from being perpetrators of mass intentional ignorance and apathy on vital issues such as nuclear weapons, over population, environmental destruction, sovereign debts, and so on.  A disfiguring flaw of democracy is the far more empowering truth of personal responsibility turns voters away – as it implies we need to change, whereas the victim card implies mostly others need to change.
  • It divides humanity into separate, armed, opposing camps called nations, and glorifies flag waving allegiance to this annihilatory system as patriotism.
  • Thereby wasting enormous resources on annual military budgets.
  • Resulting in a particularly unpleasant form of population control known as war, which has claimed an estimated 150M-1B human lives to date, and is poised to claim multiples more.
  • Waste enjoyment of life with many more non-fatal war injuries, wasted time, fear, financial expenses & losses, lost homes, forced migration, property and environmental damage, lost friends, relatives, breadwinners, etc.
  • Governments – along with their political parties, officials, candidates, and constituents – either possess nuclear weapons, or go along with our global political system resulting in their use.  An example of destructive herd mentality constituting almost all of humanity.

For these types of reasons, I currently intend the Obama presidency to be the last time I volunteer financial support for any nation, their agencies, or agents.  I plan to continue transferring support to global governance groups noted in a prior post here, as eventual non-support by the public for national divisions will reduce or eliminate many of the ignorance penalties noted above.

But therein lies a dichotomy: though democracy-based governance pleases destructive public ignorance, we still need national leaders who will move us in the right direction.

Due to human nature, we need such leaders to not only provide vision, but to also push, pull, prod, cajole, scold, speechify, educate, entertain, use their limited executive authority, imagineer, deploy charm and charisma, invigorate mass apathy, inspire – and fend off threats from popular ignorance, other countries, terrorists, assasins, other candidates for the same office, and perhaps 1/2 their own country (other political parties) – just to attempt getting us on board progressive vision transports.  An incredibly daunting task.  The Obamas fulfill this destiny as superbly as the public allows.

Almost all humanity rejects knowledge, understanding, ideas, philosophy, facts, and intellect if they lack force, or do not have ‘candy’ attached.  Because intellect

  • Deducts time away from being a self-absorbed organism
  • Asks us to deviate from – and then challenge – tradition and herd mentality
  • Often lacks the types of shallow stimuli most humans embrace, such as entertainment
  • Requires we continually seek (such as reading non-fiction and considering opposing views) – and intelligently balance – contradictions. Because these reduce the risk you will be 1. apathetic on vital issues, as almost all humans are 2. incorrect or incomplete or 3. a harsh, rigid, smug, one sided, fundamentalist, destructive, or violent (whether as an individual, or as part of a large group, such as religious and nations that start wars) idealogue fanatic as humans are overwhelmingly inclined to do when forming opinions and supporting issues and groups
  • Challenges rather than appeases us
  • And because it challenges us – not just others (blame).

Organisms – including humans – do not want to be challenged, we want to be appeased. Organisms with minimal intellect by choice – most humans – refuse it like children often do healthy vegetables – we want ‘candy’ instead.

Organisms that normally reject intellect will often respond to it by force of law, repetititive conditioning, pain, social pressure, etc.  Or – like a dog performing tricks for a treat or a kid for candy – humans will often embrace intellect if tucked inside stimuli: feelings, monetary compensation, audio visual stimulation, entertainment, sociability, humor, popularity, power, praise, fame, wealth, crowds, physical needs, etcetera.  So…..

The greatness of Mandela (Madiba), Ghandi, an entertainment artist such as Michael “Heal The World” Jackson, Ban Ki-moon, Kofi Annan, the 14th Dalai Lama, the Gates, Clinton, Kennedy, Carter, King, Obama – and similar – *families, comes largely from charisma + empathy + knowledge + publicity from their station in life.  Combine these and we have interpreters or translators.  They use these qualities to translate intellect into modes, methods, means, manners, and mediums that appeal to the public.  Another example: When Bill Gates gets off an elevator with a TeleTubby like figure, he’s interpreting intellect into an absurd, cartoonish, candy-like mode so the public is more likely to embrace him and his intellectual messages.

And it often matters little to most humans how incredibly beneficial – or absolutely horrifying – an idea, but how well any message is translated.  If you make no secret that you hate Jews – but are a charismatic orator like Adolf Hitler – you can gather the public around you. ‘You openly hate a minority group, but we will follow you, kill six million Jews, five million from other groups, tens of millions more by starting the Eurasian portion of WWII, and make our nation a bombed out shambles.  Because you fire us up emotionally, and you make us feel when you talk.’

Even today, in The U.S.A., a nation that is so well educated that endowments for all its colleges total approximately 1/2 a trillion dollars, and its annual education spending is about $1 trilliion, a presidential candidate has scapegoated various groups (among other destructive positions), because he knows enough history, and thus human nature, to understand that a very large segment of the public will – as usual – support that.  So he has won his party’s candidacy and taken the lead over all other candidates in one late summer poll.

But if you have a plan to, say, save 7.4 billion people from nuking ourselves – which a number of people and organizations do – but don’t translate that in a way that tickles the public, then it comes to be that 7.4 billion people (actively or passively) choose the wrong side of the issue.  And that side is humanity’s divisive nuclear weapons political system: the governments, parties, officials, and candidates that compose it.  But about 0.0 billion people actively support the correct side: groups like @GlobalZero working to eliminate nuclear weapons.  Destructive herd mentality on a global scale.

Intellect printed on a page (like this post) provides no stimulatory trade off to the public.  In fact, such generally bores, nonpluses, annoys, or even angers humans – almost to a person.  Effectiveness recognizes this near unanimous human defect, marries idealism to pragmatism by translating intellect for public reception, and provides marriage counseling to ward off divorce.

This post earlier infers the need for – and ability of – intellect to maintain and balance contradictions. For example: the Obamas co-lead an incredibly destructive and wasteful global political system. But they continue great efforts to improve it and its citizens from within. Just because leaders are unable to deliver what we could and should have (mostly due to the public’s apathy and absolutely intentional ignorance), does not necessarily mean they and their efforts are not worthy of support. Nor can we just go along with or support everything large groups do or propose – such as large sovereign and environmental debts.

It is probably impossible to do perfectly, but we must dissent from the destructive behaviors of large groups, while also encouraging the progressive ideals and leaders within them. I do this by – on one side of the coin – being well informed to be able to see the dangers of large groups, with my public postings of dissent, with financial contributions to smaller, dissenting groups, and by voting for alternatives at the ballot box. On the other side of the coin, with contributions to O.F.A., I encourage the progressive ideals and leadership the Obamas have projected on issues such as

  • Human rights and responsibilities
  • Human potential
  • Human diversity (or instead of diversity, as Oprah now prefers: inclusion), including advocating respect and equal opportunity for Muslims, LGBT persons, refugees, girls and women, and people of African descent
  • Environmentalism and thus bio-diversity (other species), including creating more protected national wildlife preserves
  • Many actions to mitigate – and raise awareness and acceptance of – anthropogenic (human caused) climate change. Which the other major political party still generally denies, with innumerable elections and policy votes sealing their destructive denial
  • Overpopulation (indirectly, to minimize political backlash from the public, which overwhelmingly still desires to either overpopulate, or go along politically with the very many who do)
  • Cleaner energy
  • Gun violence
  • Freeing prisoners to shift the drug addiction conversation from crime and expensive punishment to illness, prevention, and curative treatment
  • Nuclear weapons. On 27 May, 2016, President Obama became the first sitting U.S.A. president to visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial.  He delivered an insightful macro view address to attendees and the world that I recommend you familiarize yourself with via written words or audio visual.
  • Science
  • Scientific research
  • Press freedom
  • Political civility
  • Utilizing diplomacy over aggression whenever possible, even in their speaking styles. This calms, rather than enflames, human relations, thus empowering inellect over emotion, and peace over conflict. Typical of a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.
  • Intellect
  • Nutrition and fitness (leading to reduced use of)
  • ObamaCare (with thanks to Hillary Clinton for her earlier efforts leading to this)
  • President Obama hosts the 20 September, 2016 Leader’s Summit on Refugees to improve conditions for the world’s 20 million refugees, including seeking increased aid from other nations, on top of $5B previously supplied by The U.S.A.
  • Encouraging and expanding both national and global education efforts, including for the 62 million girls not in school around the world with their Let Girls Learn campaign.
  • Encouraging active empathy by organizing around big ideas such as Organizing for Action, Let Girls Learn, Leader’s Summit On Refugees, Let’s Move!, and many more.  A former Chicago area community organizer and his wife have become global organizers.
  • And after inheriting a deep recession, the Obama administration steered us away from depression by helping stabilize our national (and thus global) economy.
  • And more.

The Obamas are refulgent examples of deeply progressive leadership for humanity.

(*Another example of maintaining and balancing contradictions: Overpopulation notwithstanding, there is wisdom in deeply progressive leaders having a few children – so the public embraces these leaders as similar to themselves, and to provide future generations the option of progressive leadership dynasties.)

Oxfam America
Syrian Refugee Crisis Fund (indirectly suggested by @POTUS account).  Food for refugees.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Balance against massive federal, state, and local government power.  And the human inclination to abuse that power, often due to fear or ignorance.

Make large amounts of information available to humanity.

Clinton Foundation
Help people around the world, fight climate change, and encourage even more urgently needed, big-minded leadership from the Clinton family and their supporters.

It seems surreal to see the many 2016 election season political attacks against the Clintons for their Foundation.  They not only continue to help many many people, but compared to the Clintons, the global philanthropic efforts of most of the critics are anemic or non-existent.

Planned Parenthood
This organization continues to be subjected to both government defunding and closures by a major U.S.A. political party, and violent physical attacks against their patients, staff, and facilities. I am pleased to help fund their work to reduce the harsh effects of overpopulation on our environment and other species.

On The Media
Facts, ideas, dynamics, concepts, principles, and critical analysis of news.

The Concord Coalition
Encourage The United States of America to pay off its enormous national debt.

Instead of going along with and encouraging habitual increases, as almost all its citizens have done for literally centuries (generations of herd mentality).  Then when the bill comes due: slash urgent needs, suffer, jack up taxes, refuse to pay, openly vilify austerity (living within one’s means), blame others, protest, or riot.

After almost the entire public rejects myriad warnings from many people and organizations to change behavior, and news about other countries shows going along with political parties that habitually increase debt results in disaster.

Their Twitter account @ConcordC – & similar @FixtheDebt – provide yet more evidence the public almost unanimously rejects intellect: retweets of each account’s tweets currently average a single digit.  But a plethora of retweets tickling (rather than challenging) ignorance with:

  • Events far more than ideas.  Thousands of retweets in 2015 for a police shooting video with no time, date, location, or surrounding facts. Tens of thousands for a live tweet with pics of a San Francisco plane crash.  Tens of thousands for a video tweet of a Dubai hotel fire New Year’s Eve 2015-2016.
  • Facts made shallow by not matching them with ideas.  I don’t blame the provider, because shallow people would just go elsewhere.
  • Endless amounts of vapid humor.
  • People far more than ideas.  Whether family, friends, Ursula Unknown, or celebrities. The 3.33M retweets record is a 2014 photo of celebrities at The Oscars.  Popularity excessively pleasures destructive ignorance, challenges it too little.
  • Advertising geared to appease – rather than challenge – self-absorbed temporal desires; a pattern linked to large scale destructive behaviors.  Just this one example diverts resources to promote behavior leading to the diversion of even greater resources to treat the resulting obesity & diabetes epidemic.
  • Shallow apothegms.  Or deep ones made shallow by minimal challenges to specific behaviors.
  • Religious, political, and sexual superstitions and hysterias.  Which are unrecognizable to the billions of herd animals ensnared in their nets.
  • Spectator sports, music, movies, & other entertainment appealing to shallowness.
  • Appeals to our bio-urge lust. While at the same time often harshly judging others for consensual expression of that bio-urge.
  • Innumerable wonderful issues, causes, organizations, campaigns, & their supporters, but with narrow focus lacking big holistic vision.
  • Innumerable pretty pictures, such as nature and cute animals.
  • Excessive blame blinding us from seeing and correcting major flaws in our own self, culture, era, sexuality, religion, politics, etc.

Some of those are wonderful, but most people do not balance them with enough intellectual activity to stave off crippling government debt.  Or other impending disasters.

Large long-term sovereign debts of nations are both a symptom – and symbolic – of humanity’s common rejection of the laws of math, nature, and reason.  So we have other common debts and deficits:

  • Population control deficits (causing overpopulation &)
  • Environmental deficits (ecosystem & habitat destruction leading to)
  • Species deficits (Holocene extinction)
  • Caloric, nutritional, & exercise debts (obesity, health)
  • Compassion deficits (overwhelming apathy on big issues)
  • Peace deficits (wars)
  • Education deficits (concepts all should be inculcated with but are not – like active empathy on big ideas, the destructive absurdities of large groups, and the promotion of intellect.)
  • Balance of power deficits (groups like @FixTheDebt, @GlobalZero, @popconnect or @HRW with active public support approaching 0% VERSUS groups with near 100% support (like nations) that embrace destructive absurdities these groups challenge)
  • Intellectual deficits (willfully ignorant & thus destructive public choices on important issues)
  • Personal responsibility deficits (including bullet points above)

The long term excessive debts of nations are merely one exhibit of Homo sapiens’ near unanimous disdain for truth, reality, facts, math, and intellect, in order to continue worshipping our feelings.  With just about everything on Earth – and beyond, as we reach into outer space – offered as burnt sacrifices to our feelings.

Whether burnt offerings be the figurative fire bombed credit rating of nation after nation, or more literal careless or intentional: ignition of peatlands and forests, torching of oilfields, global warming,  oil field torching redux, as the first torching was not sufficently destructive for humans, and radioactive leaks, meltdowns, and materials (some dropped into public waters), waste hot for up to 50,000 years, and nuclear detonations.

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Vision Aerie

Whether different races, women, various sexualities, people who cross imaginary lines (foreigners), those with another view of religion, etc., humanity continues a long history of discrimination.

Even in the presumably most advanced, educated, and civilized nation today, a wildly popular political party continues decades of blocking federal protection for various groups, so supporters can continue discrimination: E.N.D.A.

This is but one modern example of humanity thronging around leaders and groups promoting the destructive discriminatory demagogic division of diversity.

Another: almost all of humanity goes along with or supports the weaponization of politicians and political parties once they control the nations dividing us.

Campaign contributions, elections and their vast but almost unanimously ‘small picture’ media coverage, flag waving and military service patriotism, and the huge annual global military expenditure thieving resources and peace – comprise our universally lauded and applauded global nuclear annihilation political system.

That is a major example of the Friedrich Nietzsche maxim “Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs, it is the rule.”

Humans embrace the destructively artificial ‘US vs them’, drawing vast resources away from other vital issues facing us:

  • Tens of millions of girls without education #LetGirlsLearn
  • Climate change.
  • Distribution of food and agriculture methods eliminating malnutrition.
  • Common social, political, and economic rewards for overpopulation. Which is straining our environment and causing the “Holocene extinction” of tens of thousands of species each year.
  • Massive overfishing, irradiation, pollution, litter, and acidification of oceans and rivers.
  • Clean energy.
  • Near unanimous disdain for unadorned intellect – often hostility. Substituting myriad excuses, excessive blame, emotions, self-absorbed apathy, entertainment, parroting, going along with ever increasing government debt (then blaming others, protesting, or rioting when the bill is due), time consuming lust (dating, mating, marriage, children), the false dichotomy of one nuclear weapons political party over others, and other groups that become large and destructive by appeasing (rather than challenging) our ignorance.

We need leaders that move humanity away from political and military division and rule by democratic ignorance, and toward groups that will manage human and environmental affairs compassionately, scientifically, and holisitcally.

Unifying groups we can transfer our support to.

(Most recent edit: 23 December, 2015.)

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Citizen of the World Dahhhling

…..proclaims singer @MariahCarey at the top of her Twitter account with 15M followers.

Nations and their political parties are for those who prefer humanity divided with nuclear weapons, war, environmental ruin, and wasting vast resources on military budgets to destroy – not help – citizens.

After our September blog post outlined how the BILL & MELINDA GATES foundation and other philanthropic groups could unite the world, Bill Gates put together a coalition of organizations to do just that with @GlblCtzn.

Others are also moving humanity away from divisive patriotism and toward unity.

@Avaaz is a global civic movement with an amazing 40 million members.

@ONECampaign works with 6M people – including recently with @ChelseaClinton – to end extreme poverty & preventable disease.

@TheElders are a group founded by Nelson Mandela working for peace and human rights.

@CarterCenter has been working for decades to successfully wage peace and build hope.

@KofiAnnan was head of The UN & now promotes global governance and a secure world.

@ClintonGlobal gathers global leaders to act on Earth’s most pressing issues.

Abandon the recycled ignorance of patriotism, wars, and their supporting political parties.  Transfer your support and moral resources to the above organizations.  Thank you.

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Antique Governments

Our national governments – with their supporting political parties and militaries – are dangerously passé.  Why?

The division and military animosity of our 196 nations against each other is caused by what we popularly call patriotism.

We pit our own national leader against leaders from all other nations.  But we allow them to use US as disposable pawns on a long succession of battlefields.  And then wonder why more civilians than soldiers are killed in war.

And now, our ignorance has turned all Earth into a giant nuclear battlefield.

We waste vast resources going along with this dangerous military-political system that is against our interests.

It is based upon tradition, not INTELLECT

On division, not UNITY

apathy, not COMPASSION


destroying, not CREATING

war, not PEACE

hate speech, not MUSIC

malice, not LOVE

fear, not HOPE

Thank you for reading, and following the dynamic solutions and informed leaders featured at our Twitter account.  All they require for success is YOU.

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Why Are The Arts So Important?

It is human nature to follow along with what others are doing.  This is pleasantly referred to as being sociable, cooperative, and getting along.

A darker side of that is called herd mentality. The side of humans that continues to be very destructive: millennia of wars, detonating thousands of nuclear weapons, leaks from nuclear energy facilities, the sixth great extinction, thousands of years of human rights violations from superstition and nationalism, greenhouse gassing ourselves into climate change and ocean acidification, and worsening these issues with overpopulation.

A major factor in why we continue to be so destructive, is it is also part of human nature to be poorly informed and apathetic on major issues.  And when we are poorly informed of facts, principles, and ideas, we instead default to merely going along with large groups of other poorly informed individuals.  Such as religions, sexual superstitions, nations, and their political parties and militaries.

Instead of widely reading non-fiction, humans overwhelmingly prefer entertainment.  This is where The Arts come in: they are a way to insert awareness, education, human rights, big ideas, intellect, environmentalism, and other human progress into various entertainment mediums with emotional impact to a receptive audience.

A paltry few of myriad examples of The Arts enlightening and furthering humanity: Comic Relief fundraisers to change the lives of the poor, the We Are The World song raising money for African famine relief, Earth Song (environmentalism), the Same Love song (= rights), or Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator movie and Pablo Picasso’s priceless Guernica painting both making a stand against Hitler.


So at their best, The Arts are a lot like sneaking little bits of vegetables into the foods we know children prefer to eat;-].

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Democracy Is Rule By The Average Person

It’s again election week in The U.S.A.

Human nature still has not changed: intellectually honest candidates are unelectable, as they are up against public ignorance.

Along with religion and sexual hysterias, politics is a major venue for exceedingly destructive herd mentality.

Most all of the country’s 316 million inhabitants will – actively or passively – choose to be part of this trampling of informed reason.

The results are exacerbated as many of the more rational independent and third party candidates were eliminated in primary elections of prior months.  To make way for the two far more popular low common denominator parties.

Also worsening this stampede is the common public mantra of voting for “the lesser of two evils.” This logical fallacy is known as false dichotomy.  Because it dishonestly excludes informed dissent, and promotes going along with political parties having exceptionally destructive practices.

Very large groups, such as political parties and nations, are convenient tools the lazy-minded substitute for intellect.

Another common habit – blaming politicians – steals valuable energy away from self-education, and toward cheap and wildy popular excessive blame.  If you are informed, you support dissenting candidates and systems, instead of those that must appeal to public ignorance for their popularity.

Elements making this election so destructive include a nation that:

  • Has detonated and possesses many nuclear weapons.  Continuing in this mode will not end well
  • Spends more on military than many of the next biggest spenders combined.  Despite being a nation that
  • Has an $18 trillion sovereign debt and
  • Some estimate also has 11x times its national debt in future unfunded liabilities
  • Promotes deeply anti-environmental overpopulation with various tax benefits for having kids, and candidates needing to tickle voters’ eargnorance with pro-family campaign slogans
  • Has an education system that consumes $1 trillion per year, yet somehow still churns out almost 100% of its students as apathetic on major issues, and unschooled in the dynamics of the destruction caused by herd mentality

Whether it’s a larger national debt future generations must pay, military actions that have killed tens of millions, or destroying environment and continuously eliminating other species to make way for more humans, The Sage of Baltimore got it right about a half century ago:

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Signs You Are Intelligent

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.*

You frequently consume numerous sources of non-fiction – reading, in depth radio, some TV shows – to be well-informed.  Informed not of just facts, but principles and ideas.  The poorly informed merely go along with large formal and informal groups.

You have less need of extra stimuli other than words (pictures, video, sound, entertainment, humor, emotions, praise, self-enrichment, or the intense pleasure of blaming others) to embrace not yet popular intelligent positions.  Media with these extra stimuli are far more popular.

You need less of the magnetic promotion of ideas by the wealthy, powerful, famous, and groups.  These types have far more followers, often undeserved.  In order to maintain and grow their fame, wealth, or power, they generally appease rather than openly contest large, destructive, unthinking crowds.

You challenge the generally low common denominator of large groups.  Groups clustered around religions, sexual hysterias (over-concern about others’ consensual sex), patriotism, nuclear-armed governments, militaries, and their supporting political parties.

You realize that in order to be popular, larger, and more powerful, big groups must appeal to average and below average intellects.  This recipe creates disasters such as bigotries, human rights violations, wars, appeasing over-populators, global warming, mass pollution, nuclear weapons, excessive government debt, misallocation of taxes for large militaries instead of human and environmental needs, extinction of myriad other species, etc.

You actively promote big ideas such as world peace, human rights, intellect, science, and humanity in balance with our environment.  Such as membership in and support for groups countering global warming, militarization, and overpopulation.

I happen to feel that the degree of a person’s intelligence is directly reflected by the number of conflicting attitudes she can bring to bear on the same topic.  – Lisa Alther


* After Charles Stewart, “Haud immemor. Reminescences of legal and social life in Edinburgh and London. 1850-1900”, 1901, p. 33, with the above version commonly attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt without citation.

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Human Sacrifices

In 1487, the Aztecs sacrificed 10,000 to 80,400 people for the re-consecration of the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan.  A reason we are bewildered and horrified at past cultures making living human sacrifices, is because they did it on such a small scale.

We offer up human sacrifices on a global scale, with exponentially larger numbers.

Over millennia, we’ve sacrificed hundreds of millions of people in our wars.  With nuclear weapons, we offer up 7.2 billion. And these sacrifices are available 24/7.  The ancient Aztecs just might have been jealous.

We offer human sacrifices because we choose different leaders for different geographic regions, rather than unifying government.  This guarantees conflict between those leaders.  Then we wave flags boasting of our geographic tribalism, weaponize our leaders, and proudly call it patriotism.

Then there are the non-human sacrifices: the environmental toll of military operations, the toll on other species, and the $1,750,000,000,000 per year governments waste on militaries.  Rather than spending it on environmental and human necessities.

We need to move away from nationalism and the political parties that constitute nations, and toward governance by well informed groups in human rights, philanthropy, peace, environment, and science.  I suggest we substitute and follow groups including:

These are enlightened global leaders with whom we would do well to replace our divisive and expensive national political systems.  Join us in moving humanity away from anticipating annihilation, and toward participatory peace.  Thank you.

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While much of humanity still struggles with the pain of current and historical racism, a racism of far greater importance is too gradually emerging into our consciousness.

According to animal rights and environmental advocate (those two issues are greatly intertwined) Philip Wollen, human lifestyles are extinguishing 10,000 species per year.

Lifestyles like deforestation, desertification, defaunation, overpopulation, nuclear waste, intentionally detonating thousands of nuclear weapons, littering outer space, massive greenhouse gas emissions, ocean acidification and temperature rise, smog, ground litter, and massive global river pollution.

The issue is now so dire that we are initiating the sixth mass extinction.

racism is a weapon of mass destruction 749x556

And humans exhibit either near unanimous apathy or even pro-overpopulation attitudes and actions.  In countries such as The United States, government rewards overpopulation with tax, insurance, and other benefits for having children.  Even the childless go along with political parties tickling public ignorance on this topic.

‘We are more important than all other species combined so let’s make more of us.’ egotism by the human race threatens the survival of 1/3 of species.  Tens of thousands of species have already disappeared because of our vanity & willful ignorance.

So while the current white vs. non-white racism perspective is important, it is human racist to not discuss diversity in relation to us eliminating many other races of life.  We not only need human diversity, but also biodiversity.

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D.L.S.T.* Status Quo

Humans overwhelmingly go along with status quo, regardless of what it is.

And regardless of compassion, intellect, or destruction.

This phenomenon is so bizarre that extremely large groups unanimously go along with status quo that is opposite the status quo of different times or places.

What does this mean?  Status quo is a psychological and sociological key to understand important issues facing humanity.  And understanding is a key for improvement.

For example, when slavery is the norm, most people – society – goes along with it.  Many even seek to benefit from it.  Despite enormous consequences to the many enslaved.

Slaves in chains 1194x1314

The benefits of enslaving others are obvious, and it’s too much trouble to change society’s minds.  Almost all of whom will ignore you, and very many of whom will absolutely despise you for it.  And besides, wouldn’t you prefer socializing, or watching telly?

When slavery is forbidden, people are aghast at the concept.  Anyone trying to reintroduce it would receive an unbearable amount of vitriol.  The public would reinforce the ‘no slavery’ status quo.  Even though it used to be the status quo.

Cultural shifts occur when old people who refuse the changes reason requires die off, leaving more young people open to embracing better ideas.

Another example.  In times and places where women are denied equality, people are aghast at the bizarre concept of women in positions of authority, voting, or even driving a car (Saudi Arabia).

Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, reporting for National Public Radio’s 5 March, 2012 Talk Of The Nation, noted a recent poll asking Egyptian men and women if they would consider voting for a woman president.  100% said no.

So even extremely large groups of the oppressed will unanimously go along with their own enslavement.  Not because of logic or compassion, but because: status quo.

An example that engulfs a still larger group: nuclear weapons.  This status quo threatens to liquidate all of humanity and many other species.  It is not only absurd, it is beyond the descriptive ability of the word absurd.

But how much of humanity works against nuclear weapons, including joining groups dedicated to their eradication?  0%.

100% of 7.2 billion people go along with this absurdly absurd absurdity.

With billions of us actively supporting it.  Through flag-waving patriotism, embracing the annihilatory division of Earth we call nations, the political parties of those nations, and the candidates of those political parties.

Because this is the current status quo.

If you agree the status quo example above requires improvement, support  @ArmsTreaty  @PeaceAction  @IPPNW  @WomensAction  @nuclearban  @NoNukesCampaign

*Dirty Little Secret Time

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