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There Is Always An Enormous Leadership Vacuum

Why? Humans exhibit a general lack of curiosity, so are ill-informed.  As we’re too busy doing other things to be well-informed of facts and ideas, how do we understand the world around us?  We fill this intellectual void with a cheaply acquired substitute yielding very expensive results: herd … Continue reading

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Ignorance Is A Tragedy. But A Comedy For The Spectators.

Such as the future. With rare exception, we humans choose to spend our time on pursuits other than being well-informed.  And so must rely upon – and be manipulated by – our emotions and conditioning.  A painfully expensive mode of personal and societal governance.  A few … Continue reading

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Erudition* Versus Superstition

Whether it’s children allergic to school, or adults too self-absorbed to improve our minds with varied non-fiction, just about all of humanity takes an expensive shortcut to understanding the world.  We learn from and coalesce with other ill-informed persons, then proudly proclaim this popularity reason.  When much of it is merely recycled ignorance. … Continue reading

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The chief aim of wisdom is to enable one to bear with the stupidity of the ignorant. – Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, DL, FRS, Hon. RA (1874-1965)   Sir Knighthood KG Knight of the Order of … Continue reading

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A Cattle Call To Inaction

If – like most all of humanity – you choose to be so self-absorbed as to be ill-informed, you have no foundation for rational dissent.  Mathematics dictates two choices remain for you: apathy, or herd mentality. And considering malice a child of ignorance, herd mentality is one of the mightiest … Continue reading

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An Appeal To Help A Friend

A friend is asking how to craft an account that is educational in both facts and ideas.  For people into that sort of esoterica.  And for those not, delivers double duty mocking humanity’s near total disdain for well-informed, compassionate reason. It needs the uncanny ability to appear at once extremely egotistical, elitely … Continue reading

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Christopher Ashton Kutcher: Excellent

The sexiest thing in the entire world is bein’ really smart.  And being thoughtful.  And being generous.  Everything else – is crap – I promise you.   At Teen Choice Awards, August 2013

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Unanimous Willful Ignorance Is Expensive

Consider the very large amounts of air, ground, and water pollution we humans create. Even just looking around, it is common in many areas to see garbage littering the ground, blowing past us in the wind. Include past incidents of radioactive pollution … Continue reading

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Humanity Is Actually An Abbreviation: Human Unanimous Inanity*

Faith is to religion as patriotism is to nationalism. Which religion, as to which nation. Which sect as to which political party. Religions often control, delude, divide, and destroy based upon superstition, nations upon geography. Both are default categories for … Continue reading

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Herd Mentality

The human tendency to corrupt the good was the great insight he saw manifested in governments, business, democracies, utopian societies, and churches. This position is laid out profoundly in one of his most influential books, Moral Man and Immoral Society … Continue reading

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