There Is Always An Enormous Leadership Vacuum


Humans exhibit a general lack of curiosity, so are ill-informed.  As we’re too busy doing other things to be well-informed of facts and ideas, how do we understand the world around us?  We fill this intellectual void with a cheaply acquired substitute yielding very expensive results: herd mentality.

Why is such herding so expensive?

We acquire our information from, agree – and band together – with the other poorly-informed around us.

Openly contesting ignorance results in being ignored, or making ignorance mad.  One consequence being job loss, including elected office.  So in order to acquire, maintain, and increase power, herds and their leaders must entice the public by tickling our eargnorance.

They tell us what we want to hear, AKA: confirmation bias.  Their message matches the public’s level of ignorance.  Even the few roundly informed leaders must at least utilize diplomacy: contest ignorance translucently, if at all.

Popular is a wonderful word.  It condenses – and sounds much more mellifluous than – “low common denominator”.  As a rule of thumb, popularity must dumb down to gather unanimous willful ignorance into its fold.

It is easier to pleasure ignorance than to educate it: the intellectually lazy don’t want to be educated.  So we must be forced.  Or conditioned by repetition.  Or bribed: witness the enormous sovereign debt of many nations.  And manipulated by emotional appeals, such as self-righteousness about our political, national, sexual, or racial group, over other groups.  Or die.  So younger generations can be free of retrograde dogma.

How willfully ignorant are the vast majority of our species?  It can take literally millennia to convince us to desert mass delusion.  For example, we have record that holy book belief or religion was unmasked as lazy-minded superstition even before Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus).  Though most of our species still subscribe to these in 2013.

Another major example of herd mentality are rampant, divisive, armed, annihilatory gangs.  We call them nations.  And of course their political parties.  These teeming throngs of patriots have killed hundreds of millions in civil, international, and world wars.  And threaten billions with thermonuclear extinction.  Yet humanity still subscribes to nationalism, and promotes flags-fly-people-die patriotism.  Unanimous willful ignorance exacts great tribute.

Humanity is not big-minded enough to unite as O.N.E. (One Nation: Earth), but we are big-minded enough to unite into very large groups – to mass murder members of other groups.  Based upon geography.  And because the leaders we choose to divide us command it.

And while 100% of the world goes along with divisive nationalism, about 0% join unifying peace groups.  Unanimous willful ignorance.

On Twitter, we estimate that a statistical 0% of tweeps even bother to click Follow for a few peace groups.  And that’s not membership – that’s just a few seconds of peoples’ time.

But political party hash tags #UniteRed and #UniteBlue are wildly popular there, along with divisive national politicians.  While the far bigger-minded #EndSegrenation and #OneNationEarth have a combined grand total of……….drumroll……….two entries.

Another herd mentality category are sexual hysterias.  For example, until elections late last year, the electorate in 32 u.s.a. states had voted on gay marriage.  Voters in all 32 states stingily refused to grant equality, based upon what we call “the malicious morals of the masses”.  Unanimous willful ignorance.

88% of the russian public today support the law banning advocacy of human rights for gays.  On 11 June, 2013, russia’s duma passed this law 434-0.  That’s not just a statistical 100%, that’s numerically unanimous willful ignorance.

In recent days, there are reports from russia of gay art being confiscated.  Of government encouraging people to be alert for and report those who promote gay human rights.  Of a man’s home being raided for promoting such rights.  Malice is a child of ignorance.

And the public can’t snort enough self-righteous highs by exaggeration (hysteria) of the sex-with-a-minor topic.  And any who question hysterias are automatically suspect.  Often, immediately after pointing out this commonality hysterias share.

Politicians, a famous golfer, school teachers – even The Secret Service – lose employment for consenting adult sexuality.  Or for having an ex vengefully post pornographic or nude pictures on UGotPosted.

We demonize normal bio-urges.  Sexual hysterias steal the spotlight so issues and ideas of great import, such as noted herein, are largely ignored.

For example, there is little or no word from sexual hysterics about the common sexuality of breeding.  The net numerical result being tens of millions of people added to Earth’s population annually.

The net environmental result being exacerbation of already vast visible, particulate, and chemical pollution in our rivers and oceans.  Releasing ever more radiation into our water and atmosphere.  And gassing ourselves to death with smog and global warming.  Unanimous willful ignorance.

These same sexual hysterics commonly also (actively or passively) support social and political groups that still give employment, insurance, and tax benefits for human reproduction, worsening such pollution.  Unanimous willful ignorance.

So we offer this Minority Report to (counter) the incurious public.  How popularity really works.  Philosophy.  Dissent.  Understanding social dynamics.  Education leadership.  Promoting principles (ideas) instead of just principals (people).  Informed reason.  Illumination.  And potential progress.



Title: self, after “There is always a leadership vacuum.” by unknown.  Body: self


About HyperIntellect

Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it. - Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) Twitter: @HyperIntellect
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