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Humanity’s ABCDEF’s

Most of humanity prefers doing things with our time other than being well-informed.  This helps explain why we often contradict reason. Even extremely large groups destructively contradict informed reason.  Why? To attract the many poorly-informed individuals who contradict reason.  It’s called mirroring, and it’s an old psychology trick you can benefit  … Continue reading

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Pointing a finger at other individuals and groups feels so good, that it is often a power tool to form, grow, and unite one group against others – in order to divide, conquer, and rule. When based upon illogical premise, these … Continue reading

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Answers are what you find when you stop asking questions.

Disastrous! As apathetic and intellectually lazy as most humans are, we often stop short of informed, logical, and compassionate understanding.  So far short that some common answers are the opposite.  “This is as far as we’re exploring.  We’ve got telly to watch now, … Continue reading

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Learn Three Of The Best Languages On Earth In 60 Seconds

Bonus!  They’re all universal languages. Berating is a language of those leading by bullying, dictatorship, or force.  It is a language of no, of control.  Even if it changes a recipient’s behavior, it risks creating adequacy-not-excellence, resentment, and conflict.  It often inspires harshness, fear, mediocrity, blind obedience, or … Continue reading

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0% Are Interested In Reason.*

There are many reasons homo sapiens are unanimously** uninterested in reason: Shiny objects! Great apathy noted by such luminaries as Helen Keller, Barack Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Kurt Cobain. Where ignorance is worshipped, reason is reviled. We prefer to live instinctively, emotionally, physically, and reactively.  Instead … Continue reading

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Many Very Popular Groups, Beliefs, And Policies Are Just Lazy, Expensive, Crowd-Pleasing Substitutes For Thinking

Deities. Billions worshipping these figments of their imaginations. Voluminous human rights abuses presented as morals by these superstitious masses. Such as inequality and persecution of women or gays in many areas today. Human reproduction worsening already massive environmental damage + Thermonuclear obliteration risk = Reproduction as selfish ignorance. … Continue reading

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The Immorality of Immortality

If you could live forever – as individuals of this actual species does – would you be willing to pay two costs of its immortality: being violently stabbed dozens of times in quick succession, and eating out of your butt?  

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god dam(n)

A term indicating an anger management issue. An expression of elation upon receiving particularly pleasant information. An idiom fabulists utilize to dramatize their tales. A golden opportunity for the pious to chastise heathens. A cranial blockage in billions of superstitious humans that prevents facts, … Continue reading

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