0% Are Interested In Reason.*

There are many reasons homo sapiens are unanimously** uninterested in reason:

Shiny objects!

Great apathy noted by such luminaries as Helen Keller, Barack Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Kurt Cobain.

Where ignorance is worshipped, reason is reviled.

We prefer to live instinctively, emotionally, physically, and reactively.  Instead of intellectually – more accurately – to shape our world more proactively.

Laziness: being well-informed is deemed dry, boring, solitary, taking too long, and unappealing.  So we opt for shortcuts, to quickly return to various entertainments.

The very poor are often too busy sustaining existence to have the time or resources to understand the world around us.  Even if they wanted to, which few humans do.

Images, motion, and sound are more exhilarating than pondering keyboard characters.

Preferring socializing over reading non-fiction.  Socializing usually means with other poorly-informed.

Feelings and emotions.

Such as the euphorias of us-versus-them self-righteousness, lust posed as love, false security in belonging to large groups, and confirmation bias.

Sexuality.  A lot of human time is spent nurturing relationships to quench this bio-urge.  Sex provides physical and emotional euphoria reading and thinking doesn’t.

Human reproduction.  Raising new children by the tens of millions each year requires a lot of time.  Despite increasing population worsening already horrifying environmental issues.

Lack of exposure.  This is low on the list of why humans disdain reason.  Even with opportunity, humans overwhelmingly prefer quick-but-expensive alternatives to reason.

Social conservatism.  We prefer to associate with the ease, comfort, and perceived stability of tradition and popularity – regardless of relative reason.  And also with our perceived equals, and more powerful. wealthy, and popular individuals and groups than ourselves.

Parroting what other people tell us; such as mass sexual, religious, and political superstitions.  Parroting comes from conditioning, and it is a lazy habit we use as a substitute for the time and effort to be informed.

Egotism.  Maximum self-interest, minimal humanity-interest.

Suppressing reason to accommodate consensus.

Realistic expectations, compromise, consensus, pragmatism, and democracy are terms that can be defined as appeasing ignorance and apathy to a achieve a very large, low, and often dangerous common denominator we worship as popularity.

Large group consensus is so dangerous that it causes many nations, like the u.s.a., to nearly bankrupt their treasuries.  Mass environmental degradation.  And state-sponsored mass murder we know as patriotic wars.  And it risks thermonuclear obliteration.

Confusing ill-informed parroting and herd mentality with adequacy.  Worse yet: declaring them reason.



*  Examples: second-to-last paragraph, other posts here, and throughout our Twitter timeline.  Title and body ©2013 Hyper Intellect

**  Statistically unanimous means at least 99.5%, which can be rounded up to 100%.  Numerically unanimous is every single unit, such as every single person.


About HyperIntellect

Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it. - Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) Twitter: @HyperIntellect
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