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Ignorance, Illumination

How willfully ignorant is the u.s.a. public?  On many important subjects, unanimously. Of the President and 535 elected officials of this 113th Congress, none openly present as atheist. In an educated, first world country. In 2013.  Zero.  Mass superstition. Even the small percentage of closet atheists are reluctant to … Continue reading

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Divorce Delusion, Marry Reality

Romance is a self-interested bio-urge that spreads diseases and strains our environment via human reproduction. Love is material or spiritual generosity, philanthropy, volunteerism, educating and learning big ideas, environmentalism, human rights and responsibilities, and informed dissent from destructively delusional crowds.  These exhibit care about all, not just the one we … Continue reading

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All human government is a brutal dictatorship.

We empower ourselves by acknowledging realities made unpleasant by popular delusion. We evade progress – even survival – by avoiding rational critics of the human regime. We instead empower leaders who increase ours at expense to other human groups, other species, and Earth.  We can empower more unifying, global leaders. We kill political dissidents by the … Continue reading

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Support Better Informed Individuals And Smaller Groups More. Enormous Irrational Groups Less.

Our Twitter account has relatively few followers and retweets, and this blog nets even lower quantity results.  People blame an unappealing style. But philosophers note a bigger reality: humanity holds reason in great contempt.  Why? Perhaps foremost, informed rationalism conflicts not only with some of our conditioning, … Continue reading

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Major Delusion Busted

Leaders and groups adopt destructive standards in order to attract the often illogical public. These include religions, nations, and their political parties.  Such enormous groups are exceedingly dangerous (list, below). And they are such a monstrously powerful delusion, that they commonly absorb up to 100% of … Continue reading

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