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Here Is The Reason It Is Difficult To Find An Honest Politician

We claim we want politicians to be honest and tell us the truth.  This is a lie. Because few who challenge humanity’s ever present popular delusions such as Racism Misogyny Homophobia, female genital mutilation, and other sexual hysterias Religious superstitions Centuries of deficit spending Weapons of mass destruction to … Continue reading

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Your Microbiome

About 100 trillion good bacteria live on or in your body.  Each person’s collection of microbes is called their microbiome.  And each person’s microbiome is different.  Bad bacteria often live peacefully among the good. Half of your stool is not … Continue reading

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Twitter Illuminates A Major Political Principle

As a general rule, humor and other entertainment accounts on Twitter gather far more followers – faster – than intellectual accounts. Intellectuals encourage us to stand for higher principles, care more, discard popular delusions, engage in civics, trade superstition for science, support plainly more rational … Continue reading

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