A Horror Film


In The USA alone, an estimated 61 million people have untreated dental caries (cavities).  So humanity benefits immensely from education and reminders on dental hygiene.

  • When you masticate (chew food), minute portions you don’t swallow are leftovers feeding the bacteria in your mouth
  • The same goes for sweet beverages such as milk, juice, or soda pop
  • Such beverages throughout the day provide a regular food source for bacteria, more than drinking all at once
  • Bacteria feasting on leftovers multiply wildly by the process mitosis
  • They multiply so quickly that they colonize in about 1/2 day as a bacterial biofilm on your teeth, which you can feel with your tongue
  • There are ~25,000 bacteria species in your mouth, ~1,000 of which contribute to this biofilm
  • This biofilm is also known as dental plaque
  • If plaque is not removed, it hardens to tartar (calculus) on your teeth in as little as 26 hours
  • Tartar blocks the benefits of saliva & dental hygiene, because it is so hard that a dental hygienist must scrape it off
  • Bacteria feasting on leftover food and beverage secrete (sounds better than urinate or poop) acids that demineralize your teeth
  • This demineralization devolves to gingivitis, caries, gum disease, bad breath, tooth loss, fillings, pain, dentist needles, & $$$$
  • Gum bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis promotes dysbiosis (imbalance of harmful bacteria vs beneficial bacteria), exacerbating periodontitis (gum disease leading to tooth loss)
  • Bacterial growth rate shows why you must remove food, beverage, and biofilm from your teeth twice each day
  • Dental hygiene is especially important just before bed, as reduced salivary flow while sleeping allows the bacteria to party hard all night long.
  • Water picks assist if you have braces, but do not adequately remove plaque
  • Brushing removes food and biofilm off the front and back of your teeth
  • Flossing removes junk stuck between your teeth
  • Pointing bristles toward your gums while brushing also removes beverages, food, and plaque trapped between your teeth and gums
  • Toothbrushes labeled “Soft” may cause less wear on your teeth over time
  • For this same reason, do not push hard on your teeth with your toothbrush


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Religion is the way humanity understood the world before science.

That was a brief post.

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The Twilight Zone

It is part of the human condition that the vast majority are willfully and spectacularly disconnected from reality on major issues.

One such issue, even in modern, educated, first world countries like The United States:

We encourage overpopulation with tax, employment, insurance, and social benefits.

Despite mass smog, climate change, annihilatory patriotism, numerous consequential and intentional radiation releases, and only 21% of USA rivers ‘in good condition’, we:

  • Extend an annual benefit on federal taxes for each dependent child.
  • Require many private employers give three months unpaid leave for births.
  • Have numerous companies granting paid maternity leave.  Even paid paternity leave.
  • Pay health insurance benefits for pregnancies and birthing.
  • Rarely show open disapproval against individual pregnancies for overpopulating.
  • Affirm individual pregnancies as our social standard.  “Congratulations!”
  • Largely ignore groups and individuals who raise the alarm.
  • Mandate property taxes to educate others’ children.
  • Witness media, politicians, and advertisers habitually extol the virtues of overpopulation using emotional music, images, and code words like baby, parent, and family.  They soothe with confirmation bias to extract our support.
  • Unanimously go along with political structures that prescribe such incentives.

Just one result of overpopulation is the estimate that we inject eight million pieces of garbage into our seas.  Each and every day.

Ocean garbage is so bad that it even obscures lost plane searches.

In light of such hyper-massive – and increasing – environmental damage:

Why is the call for removal of such benefits so rare that almost no one on Earth has heard of any entity that pointedly does so?

Or knows anyone who also proposes that we reverse, and impose an eco-tax for each birth?

Rather horrifying global ignorance.

To stop overpop, please support groups such as @popact and @CenterForBioDiv.

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Your View On An Issue Depends More Upon Your Chosen Mindset Than The Issue Itself

Sexism – keeping women in their place for your comfort.

Slavery – keeping human financial instruments in their place for your comfort.  Often with

Racism – keeping people with different physical features in their place for your comfort.

Homophobia – keeping gays in their place for your comfort.  As they won’t help as much with

Overpopulation – keeping humans all over the place to degrade our environment.

Patriotism – keeping divisive expensive annihilatory militarism in place for your comfort.  Instead of working toward human unity (humanity).

Nuclear weapons – keeping a system of malicious radiation in place, instead of unity.

Superstition – keeping ignorance in place of science, human, and environmental rights.


Shockingly, THE ISSUE DOES NOT MATTER when a human explains her or his views on big social issues.  The century that person lives in does not matter.  The level of harm or destruction an issue causes – no matter how massive – does not matter.

So here’s what does matter in deciding any individual human’s view on important topics affecting millions or billions of people:

Does the particular human organism have a socially conservative brain that values tradition, and actively resists change in order to make its mind comfortable?

Or does that particular human have a socially moderate mindset that feels most comfortable going along with large – often destructive – groups, making no big efforts for or against even greatly needed change?

Or does that human have an informed, compassionate, imaginative, progressive mindset that pushes the (vast majority) other two types toward reason?

When a particular human explains her or his views on any social issue, we are largely just describing the mindset we have chosen for ourselves:

Social conservative.

Go-along moderate.

Informed challenge-irrational-society progressive.


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Vision, Or Television?

Understanding and compassion help explain why I haven’t owned a television in nine years.

I usually read non-fiction, and let me tell you why.  It:

  • Fuels awareness and a deeper understanding of the world around us.
  • Replaces destructive religious, sexual, political, and environmental superstitions with informed reason.
  • Enables more effective compassion.  http://goo.gl/otD45C

Reading enables, empowers, illuminates, enlightens, informs, inspires, enhances, and improves your character.  Along with the world around you.

Many can relate to a comment by former Chair of the Federal Communications Commission, Newton N. Minow (1926-present).  Here is how he described TV:

“I can assure you that what you will observe is a vast wasteland.”

That was from his speech to the National Association of Broadcasters.

In 1961.

Television is great for occasional entertainment.  And the likes of environmental, home, kitchen, and garden shows can inform and inspire.

But over-consumption of comedy, drama, sports, supernatural, event-not-idea-focused news, reality shows, or video games is a mark of apathy, ignorance, and selfishness.

An entertainment-heavy diet has severe consequences for humanity, because it displaces active compassion and informed reason.

As an interesting aside, Hollywood producer Sherwood Schwartz (1916-2011) posited that as head of the F.C.C., Minow “ruined television”.  Rather doubtful.

Nonetheless, Sherwood sarcastically named the shipwrecked boat on his hit TV show Gilligan’s Island the S.S. Minnow.

Also interesting: in 1988, Mister Minow recruited a young summer associate for his Chicago law firm.  Barack Obama.  And this is where Mister Obama met a woman designated as his career mentor: Michelle Robinson.  She is now First Lady of The United States of America.

Mister Minow not only actively supported the presidential campaign of John F. Kennedy, but also that of Barack H. Obama.

Vision, or television?  You decide.


Sources: http://goo.gl/O57wJ6  http://goo.gl/Xvchl9

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Eat Your Vegetables

There is a reason basic education is compulsory.  Humanity prefers entertainment over intellect by a phenomenal margin.

The human organism tends to treat even miniscule amounts of intellectual activity (e.g.: 140 character tweets) as children face vegetables on their plates.

Befitting Oscar worthy performances, blame, avoidance, denial, excuses, resentment, false promises, ad hominem attacks, gagging, spitting, and unprocessed regurgitation are all included as acts of these great human dramas.

It’s all quite entertaining once you distance yourself from the show with a big picture view.

Vegetables and informed reason often must be inserted by force, conditioning, repetition, fame, wealth, entertainment, and trickery.

Or malnutrition occurs.

Class dismissed.


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Here Is The Reason It Is Difficult To Find An Honest Politician

We claim we want politicians to be honest and tell us the truth.  This is a lie.

Because few who challenge humanity’s ever present popular delusions such as

  • Racism
  • Misogyny
  • Homophobia, female genital mutilation, and other sexual hysterias
  • Religious superstitions
  • Centuries of deficit spending
  • Weapons of mass destruction to defend patriotism
  • Overpopulating Earth

win election during the height of these human blind spots.

It is the norm for the public to not only punish or avoid those who tell such truths, but to also reward candidates who mirror the destructive lies of our time and place.

Active, big-minded, informed rationalism is so very valuable because it is statistically rare.

Widespread disdain for reason explains why some scientists predict humans may soon vanish.  Along with the increasing number of other species we drive into extinction.


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Your Microbiome

About 100 trillion good bacteria live on or in your body.  Each person’s collection of microbes is called their microbiome.  And each person’s microbiome is different.  Bad bacteria often live peacefully among the good.

Half of your stool is not leftover food – it is microbial biomass which has reproduced in your stomach.  Scientists are still trying to locate the idiot savant who counted them.  


Source: http://goo.gl/mor9R

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Twitter Illuminates A Major Political Principle

As a general rule, humor and other entertainment accounts on Twitter gather far more followers – faster – than intellectual accounts.

Intellectuals encourage us to stand for higher principles, care more, discard popular delusions, engage in civics, trade superstition for science, support plainly more rational alternatives, and become better informed.

And thus avoid painful consequences.

The numerical disparity between followers and retweets of entertainment and intellectual Twitter accounts holds a strong correlation to politics:

Popularity requires shallowness and telling us what we want to hear, not what we need to hear.

This discourages intelligent leadership, and encourages demagoguery, superstition, anti-environmentalism, and ‘tickle-your-ears-now-painful-consequences-later’ government.  And it blooms a culture of blaming politicians, instead of public responsibility.

Entertainment is an important and awesome part of culture.  And yes, entertainment is often used to enhance the human condition.  But such efforts are often more shallow, and also limited by public disinterest in active compassion and big ideas.

A steady diet of self-amusement – with little intellectual stimulation – leaves individuals and society seriously lacking substance, progress, empathy, understanding, and reason.

For a better you and a better world, promote informed rationalism in yourself and others.  That’s great leadership.


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Ignorance, Illumination

How willfully ignorant is the u.s.a. public?  On many important subjects, unanimously.

Of the President and 535 elected officials of this 113th Congress, none openly present as atheist. In an educated, first world country. In 2013.  Zero.  Mass superstition.

Even the small percentage of closet atheists are reluctant to go on record, out of fear it might lose them the next election.  Respect for ignorance is a survival tool.  Less than 1/2 the public would even consider voting for a rationalist: In Ignorance We Trust.   http://goo.gl/rDjlWL

A second illumination of mass willful ignorance is that we elect people to mirror our ignorance, then use them as scapegoats.  Instead of personal responsibility, we must listen to the common excuse ‘Those damn politicians.’

3.  Our sovereign debt: $17 trillion and rising.  If you read as much as we do, you will see that even the vast majority of  purportedly intelligent social liberals defend or support this.  And often use various guises to denigrate those who don’t.  http://goo.gl/ewC5EE

4.  Whenever a democrat is in The White House, republicans ballyhoo how they are paragons of fiscal rationalism.  But their party’s long-term collective voting record shows them to merely be using the issue as a political football to blame democrats.

5.  We have only 4% of Earth’s population, but spend 39% of its aggregate national defense budget.  Anyone wanting to reduce this enormous waste risks being labeled ‘soft on national defense’ by election opponents.  This has come at great expense not only to our sovereign debt load, but it continues to detract from infrastructure spending.  http://goo.gl/8z4z

6.  How does the public discourage such irrational behaviors?  By repeatedly and unanimously re-electing the political parties responsible, voters train politicians to misbehave.

7.  Often more than half who could vote, don’t.  And after voters and non-voters alike unanimously squander the opportunity to support more rational – third party – alternatives?  Many blame politicians for the results.

8.  Even wildly popular figures proclaim they won’t vote, then blame politicians for it.  Silence = consent.  Demagogues understand that the public is far more attracted to those who blame others, than to those who convey a message of personal responsibility.

9.  Unanimous avoidance of those who point out the public’s victim card: blame-politicians-to-evade-personal-responsibility.


  • Change apathy to action.
  • Become better informed to make more rational choices.  Personal responsibility results in less need to blame others.
  • Advocate real education reform: enlighten young people about the great dangers of ill-informed crowds, with above examples as a great start.
  • Support informed rationalists.
  • Support political alternatives.  Stop rewarding blatantly irrational policies and parties just because they’re wildly popular: that’s called herd mentality.
  • Support groups such as Fix the Debt, Concord Coalition, Starbucks’ occasional initiatives for more rational government, and peace, environment, and population responsibility groups.
  • Support your own global citizenship more.  Expensive, divisive, armed, annihilatory patriotism less.


Related article published several weeks after this post: http://goo.gl/IoOSDz

Sources:  http://goo.gl/7c0NoF  http://goo.gl/YG1Yk  http://goo.gl/FQEmA  http://goo.gl/mbbz

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